🎉3Play Media partners with Municode as a preferred video accessibility solution.

Municode customers can sign up with 3Play Media below to receive premium captioning, transcription, and audio description services at a reduced rate.

3Play Media provides premium closed captioning, transcription, audio description, and translation services to over 2,500 customers in enterprise, higher education, government, and entertainment. 3Play’s goal is to simplify the process through a user-friendly account system, automated workflows, video plugins, and flexible service offerings.

Municode offers the only technology platform capable of seamlessly unifying your agendas, meetings, websites, and municipal codes of ordinances for an improved civic experience regardless of the size of your municipality. For over 65 years, Municode has helped connect over 4,000 municipalities with their communities by creating solutions that enable you to complete The Circle of Governance™.

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A 3Play Media account executive will reach out to you with more information and to help you get started.


“Accessibility is really important for Perkins. We’re a community of people with a lot of different disabilities and needs, and I think 3Play has been very forward-thinking about this and a thought leader.”

Robin Sitten | Perkins School for the Blind

 3Play Media Services & Features 🌟 

  • 99% accuracy guaranteed
  • Full-service video accessibility: captioning, transcription, audio description, translation
  • Integrations with 20+ platforms
  • Caption encoding and open captioning
  • Discounted pricing for Municode customers
  • User, project, and billing management
  • 5-star support & account management

 Turnaround ⌛ 

  • Extended – 10 business days
  • Standard – 4 business days
  • Expedited – 2 business days
  • Rush – 1 business day
  • Same day – 8 hours
  • 2 hours


“I couldn’t imagine our service without captioning. Our aim is to publish every piece of content with captions, and 3Play enables us to do it.”

Michal Lebowitsch | Gaia


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